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J-MUSIC Acoustic

This is a series made exclusively for featuring more raw, intimate, and generally non-amplified/non-electronic versions of J-Pop/J-Rock, anime, video game music, etc.! We always welcome new ideas for our series - if you want to submit YOUR acoustic covers of Japanese music to us for an opportunity to be showcased in our series, send your video to us at


Click here for a FREE download of the J-MUSIC Pocket Band Demo EP! (You can also donate to our cause via the "name your price" option on the download screen)

Official J-MUSIC Acoustic Streams

Here you can find Soundcloud links to some Official J-MUSIC Acoustic recordings made by members of the J-MUSIC Alliance.

For most people around the world, their first contact with Japanese music came from video games (or anime, for those who had access to it) from the golden era (1980s/90s). Most came in contact with it before knowing it was Japanese. The composers that made this music possible did so with the use of standard and abstract song forms, and orchestration that suggests that many of them would have written for live bands if the technology in the video game systems allowed for the recording of live music. We feel that it this is the perfect opportunity to explore and educate ourselves on these wonderful compositions, and experiment with them in different situations, including the acoustic jazz setting, as demonstrated here.


While the primary focus is often video game music, no Japanese music is off-limits, and any time a song in the J-Music universe seems to suggest that it would sound great as an instrumental, J-MUSIC Acoustic is there to make it happen.


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